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"DAMOS: Army Group South" is game 3 of the Barbarossa trilogy of wargames that can be combined together as a mini-monster. Each game by itself is a straight forward operational simulation of each theater, and all 3 games share the exact same rules allowing for easy integration. Units are divisions for the Germans and Division to Army sized for the Russians.

DAMOS is a brand new, unique take on operational scale WW22 combat. With almost 0 player downtime, DAMOS is highly interactive between possible reactions, combat postures, and other mechanics. DAMOS takes many well-known wargaming conventions and repackages them into an all-new take on the most familiar conflict in wargaming that force long-time grognards to rethink their normal instincts.

Army Group South covers Von Rundstedt’s extended trek towards the Caucasus. AGS had the largest theater of operations and the highest expectations placed upon them compared to the other Army groups. While assisted by the Hungarian and Romanian armies, the best executed armored breakthroughs only went so far once the fuel trucks could not keep up with the Panzers.

WEIGHT: 6/10


PLAYERS: 1-2, up to 6 players with AGN and AGC.

—description from the designer