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The game starts with one of the last German offensives of 1945, ‘Operation Solstice’. At the beginning Guderian had planned a pincer move to relieve Küstrin, but Hitler wanted to save troops to retake Budapest. This resulted in changing objectives to the relief of Festung Arnswalde and trying to cut the Soviet supply route towards Küstrin. The historical objective for the Soviets was to drive the Germans out of Pomerania and thereby protect their right flank while preparing to take Küstrin and make the final thrust towards Berlin. Stargard Solstice™ is a game recreating this campaign in Pomerania from 15th February - 6th March,1945.
Stargard Solstice™ is taught in 30 minutes and easy to digest yet a challenge even for the more experienced players. It is built around the same system of rules that shaped Plan West, Königsberg’45 and Army Grop Narwa.

The game utilizes a chit-pull system telling you which armies to move.

—description from the publisher

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