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Table of Contents:

  • The 1944 Model - Baltic Gap
  • Operation Mars - GD'42 Campaign Game Playtest Scenario 4.4
  • Design History Notes - Panzerblitz: The Beginning
  • Panzerblitz Hill of Death errata and Q&A
  • On To Victory - Victory Condition Considerations in Bravery in the Sand
  • Fortress Holland: 1940 - A Monty's Gamble: Market Garden variant
  • S33 Few and Far Between ASLSK Scenario Replay
  • Panzerblitz: Carentan Situations - scenarios for Panzerblitz
  • Bravery in the Sand rulebook
  • There and Back Again: The 9th Panzerdivision in the Peel Marshes
  • A Short But (Mostly) Dangerous Time - Reviewing and Learning AMDT
  • Driving Into the Teeth - A scenario for The Devil's Cauldron
  • MMP at CABS - a night at a game club

Game Stuff:

  • IGS game Bravery in the Sand with 5/8" counters, one map, and 8 pages of rules
  • Panzerblitz Hill of Death mini-module Carentan
  • Fortress Holland a Monty's Gamble: Market Garden variant
  • ASLSK scenario Few and Far Between
  • ASLSK scenario Twilight at Baerendorf