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Clear Those Murder Holes

The Devil's Beach - The Omaha Landings and depicts the fighting at Omaha Beach and the Normandy countryside on D-Day, June 6th, 1944. This newly updated edition has a new map, counters, player aid cards, and manual.  The map covers a two-kilometer section of the beach and the land behind it, including Charlie, Dog Green, Dog White, and Dog Red beaches. The counters represent infantry platoons (40-60 men), machine-gun sections (4-7 men 2 machine guns), tank platoons (4 tanks), and gun batteries (4-6 guns).  Each turn represents about fifteen minutes to one hour.  Players can play either as the American or German forces.

Requirements: Two six-sided dice are required to play this game.  This game contains some previously released material from Omaha – Battle for the Beach.  No other product is required to play this game.