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 IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to play this expansion, you will need a copy of the basic Panzer game; ownership of Panzer Expansions #1 and #2 is NOT required.

This expansion set includes the most significant US and British forces that saw action on the Western front in 1944 up until the end of the war in 1945. Also included are the German units that fought against their relentless advances from Normandy, across Italy, breaching the Siegfried Line, and finally pushing in to the German Fatherland. Its playbook includes rules for special units, new optional rules, 10 gripping scenarios, and unit summaries for the US, British and German units.

Ownership of Expansions 1 & 2 is not required to field the German forces, they are all included here. However, this expands on those German units included in the first two expansions – no unit IDs are duplicated. Combine the German units from all three expansions to create customized scenarios on either the Western or Eastern Front.

Its TO&Es booklet includes details for the US, British and German forces covering the period from 1944 through 1945, including the US heavy and light armored divisions, British armored divisions, in both Western Europe and Italian configurations, and infantry and airborne divisions. German forces include Panzer Lehr, the 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion (Michael Wittmann commanded its second company), and two independent Panzer Brigades.

Finally, this expansion includes the next 4 double-sided geomorphic mapboards, modeling the terrain found in the close confines of the French boscage country and many other features as the Allied forces push into the heart of Germany. Add these 4 geomorphic mapboards to the 6 geomorphic mapboards from expansions 1 & 2 for added play and many possible battle combinations.



• 352 double-sided 7/8” (4 sheets)

• 176 double-sided 5/8” (1 sheet)

Map Panels

• 4 double-sided 10” x 27.75” geomorphic maps [panels 13-20]

Data Cards 5” x 4”

• USA: 17 double-sided

o 12.7mm AAMG

o 37mm M1A1 AAG

o 37mm M3A1 ATG

o 57mm M1 ATG

o 3-in. M5 ATG

o Artillery

o Jeep

o M3 GMC

o M3A1 APC

o M4A1 MMC

o M4A1 Sherman

o M4A1(76)W Sherman

o M4A3 Sherman

o M4A3(105) HMC

o M4A3(76)W Sherman

o M4A3E2(75)W Jumbo

o M4A3E2(76)W Jumbo

o M4A3E8(76)W “Easy Eight’ Sherman

o M5A1 Stuart

o M8 Greyhound

o M8 HMC

o M10 GMC

o M16 MGMC

o M18 GMC Hellcat

o M20

o M21 MMC

o M24 Chaffee

o M26 Pershing

o M36 GMC Jackson

o M55 Quadmount

o P-38L Lightning

o P-47D Thunderbolt

o Squads, Half-Squads & Sections

o Mortars, HMG and Anti-Tank Weapons

o Trucks

• British: 20 double-sided

o 75mm SP, Autocar

o Achilles IC


o Archer

o Artillery

o Challenger

o Churchill Crocodile

o Churchill VII

o Churchill VIII CS

o Comet

o Cromwell IV

o Cromwell VI CS

o Cromwell VII

o Cromwell VIII CS

o Crusader AA

o Daimler Mk. I

o de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk VI

o Hawker Typhoon Mk. IB

o Humber Mk. III

o Humber Mk. IV

o Humber Scout Car

o Kangaroo

o Loyd Carrier

o M5 APC

o OQF 17 pdr

o OQF 40mm Mk. III

o OQF 6 pdr

o Sherman IB

o Sherman IIA

o Sherman V

o Sherman VC Firefly

o Squads, Half-Squads & Sections

o Mortars, HMG and Anti-Tank Weapons

o Staghound AA

o Staghound Mk. I

o Staghound Mk. II

o Stuart V

o Trucks

o Universal Carrier

o Valentine XI

o White Scout Car

o Wolverine

• German: 27 double-sided

o 2cm FlaK 38 AAG

o 2cm FlaK Zgkw 1t

o 2cm Flakvierling Zgkw 8t 

o 3.7cm FlaK Zgkw 8t

o 3.7cm PaK 36 ATG

o 5cm PaK 38 ATG

o 7.5cm leIG

o 7.5cm PaK 40 ATG

o 8.8cm FlaK 36 A/ATG

o 8.8cm PaK 43 ATG

o 15cm sIG

o Artillery

o Brummbär                 

o Elefant

o Flakpanzer 38(t)

o Flammpanzer 38(t)

o Fw 190 F-1                              

o Grille 33

o Grille 33/1

o Hetzer                             

o Hs 129 B-1/R2

o Jagdpanther

o Jagdpanzer IV

o Jagdpanzer IV/70

o Jagdtiger

o Limbers                 

o Marder II

o Marder III

o Möbelwagon

o Nashorn

o Ostwind

o PSW 222

o PSW 231

o PSW 233

o PSW 234/1

o PSW 234/2 Puma

o PSW 234/3

o PSW 234/4

o PSW II Luchs

o PzKpfw 38(t) Aufklärer

o PzKpfw IIF

o PzKpfw IIIG

o PzKpfw IIIJ

o PzKpfw IIIM

o PzKpfw IIIN

o PzKpfw IVF2

o PzKpfw IVG

o PzKpfw IVH

o PzKpfw IVJ

o PzKpfw V Panther

o PzKpfw VIE Tiger I

o PzKpfw VIB Tiger II

o SdKfz 7

o SdKfz 10                                      

o SdKfz 11

o SPW 250/1

o SPW 250/7

o SPW 250/8

o SPW 250/9

o SPW 250/10

o SPW 251/1

o SPW 251/2

o SPW 251/22

o SPW 251/9

o SPW 251/10

o SPW 251/17

o Squads, Half-Squads & Sections

o Mortars, HMG and Anti-Tank Weapons



o StuG IV

o StuH 42

o Trucks

o Wirbelwind


Booklets 8 ½” x 11”

  Playbook: 40 pages

  TO&E Booklet: 36 pages