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ASL Starter Kit Module #4 PTO brings ASLSK to the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO), and adds the Japanese and the United States Marine Corps to the ASLSK lineup. ASLSK#4 is a self-contained ASL module that gives players the opportunity to start playing Advanced Squad Leader almost immediately.

ASLSK#4 expands on the themes of previous Starter Kits by providing new counters and updated rules featuring a new concept to Starter Kit – PTO. At the heart of this module are the rules for using the Japanese Imperial forces who fought amongst the jungle and island atolls of the Pacific in terrain completely different from the European Theater of Operations and with tactics different than their European counterparts. In addition to the step-reducing Japanese infantry and new rules for familiar looking terrain, simplified rules for Banzai, concealment, and hand-to-hand close combat are introduced. Neither components nor experience with earlier Starter Kits is necessary to play.

The eight scenarios and three mapboards cover actions between the U.S. forces (Marines and Army) that opposed the Imperial Japanese Army on the islands of the Pacific and in the exotic China-Burma-India theater. From Guadalcanal to Myitkiyina to the big island of Luzon in the Philippines, these forces fought to the death from 1942 to 1945. 


  • three 8” x 22” geomorphic mapboards (m, n, and o) for the ASL system
  • one full countersheet of ½” counters
  • one full countersheet of ½” and 5/8” counters
  • eight scenarios on cardstock
  • one bi-fold quick reference data chart (QRDC) on cardstock
  • one 32-page rules booklet with plentiful color illustrations and vehicle and ordnance notes
  • two six-sided dice

Scenario List:

S64 Kawaguchi's Gamble, near Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, 13 September 1942
S65 Take It Back, west of Lunga Ridge, Guadalcanal, 13 September 1942• S66 Bailey's Bridge, Matanikau River, Guadalcanal, 26 September 1942
S67 Besieged, Nhpum Ga, Burma, 31 March 1944
S68 The End of Their Rope, Charpate, Burma, 21 May 1944
S69 Stovepipe Funeral, near Charan Kanoa, Saipan, 15 June 1944
S70 A Sideshow Affair, Anguar Island, 20 September 1944
S71 American Devil, Potpot, Luzon, The Philippines, 17 January 1945


Each successive ASL Starter Kit module has gotten a little bit more complex. ASLSK#1 is infantry only, with Germans, Russians, and Americans; ASLSK#2 introduces ordnance and some other nationalities; ASLSK#3 introduces vehicles; Decision at Elst introduces campaign games; and of course this ASLSK#4 introduces the PTO, Japanese, and U.S. Marines.

ASLSK#4 is totally self-contained and does not require anything else to play the scenarios. Brand new players, however, may wish to start with our introductory module ASLSK#1, the simplest of these. More experienced ASLSKers, on the other hand, should have no problem diving right into the PTO and Japanese.

Starter Kit #4 Errata, 30 January 2020: 

In 3.2.3 PTC in the first paragraph (top of page 10 SK#4 rules) after "they may not move" add "or change the CA of a Gun". In the following paragraph after “CE” add “non-OT”.

In 3.2.4 To Hit Procedure, 3rd paragraph, last sentence (beginning of first column on p.11), after "CA but may" add "if not a Pinned Gun".

In 7.13 before the last sentence add "An OT AFV remains CE vs a Pin result, but during that Player Turn suffers the Case 2 Pinned firer +2 To Hit DRM and the halving of all MG/IFE FP, as well as prohibiting it from using Intensive Fire and ROF."

In, in line 3 add “immediately after any Residual FP Attack” after "must".

In 8.2.1, Bamboo section, 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, add “(or attempted to enter)” after “entered”.

In 8.3.1, line 3, add “non-HIP unbroken” between “no” and “enemy”.

In Concealment Example 2 on  page 32 where it says "The 5-5-8 receives a +2 ambush drm for being broken." change “+2” to “+1”.

In S64 Kawaguchi’s Gamble, in line 2 of SSR 3, change “Japanese PFPh” to “Japanese RPh”.

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