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This game is dedicated in memory of John Tiller of John Tiller Software

Sedan 1940 is a battalion and lower-level tactical game focused on the decisive action at Sedan led by Rommel in 1940, encircling the majority of the French army by driving through the Ardennes and surprising a contingent of less than stellar French divisions. The system focuses on combined arms, combat effects can vary depending on the units in a stack (also called a force). Units feature both a Primary Combat Value and a Secondary Combat Value representing different types of arms/weapons available to units, and advanced rules are available to further simulate radio issues with command and control.

Forces are activated by chit pull, activating whole divisions at a time. Each unit is allowed two basic actions or one special action. The sequence of play is unstructured, allowing movement, assaults, fire-combat and planned assaults to occur as chaotically as they did historically. Unit types range from armor, infantry, artillery, anti-tank/air, engineer, and motorized units. Units can be placed in Overwatch status allowing them to engage in Opportunity Fire using their Primary Combat Value.

Each day turn is approximately 2 hours while night turns are 4 hours for a total of 20 turns.

Materials include: 280 Counters, 1 22x34” map, 1d6, 1d10, 2 player aids, 1 rulebook.

WEIGHT: 10/10
SOLO: 9/10

Design by Ray Weiss
Developed by Matt Ward