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The U.S. Army first enrolled black soldiers during the Civil War. Buffalo Soldiers saw action against the Plains Indians and in the Spanish-American War, while segregated African-American units also fought in World War One. In 1941, the U.S. Army began to create elite African-American units, including fighter squadrons, paratroopers and armored units including the 761st “Black Panthers” Tank Battalion.

The Black Panthers saw action in France, Belgium and Germany, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and liberating the Gunskirchen concentration camp. The battalion saw 183 days of combat, lost 71 tanks and suffered a fifty percent casualty rate.

Black Panthers is a special expansion for Panzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge. It has 24 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces for the Black Panthers under their distinctive insignia, and two dozen scenarios based on the epic battles of the 761st and other African-American units.

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