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In May 1940, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Pacific Fleet to move its major base from San Diego, California to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese government rightly interpreted this as a threat, as Roosevelt intended. The Japanese would not strike for another 18 months, but had they done so the fleets involved would have been very different. The U.S. Navy still operated biplanes from its carriers, while ships like Hornet and Shokaku had not been commissioned while Oahu is not yet the impregnable fortress it would soon become.

Midway: Rising Sun 1940 is a Campaign Study in the same format as Coral Sea: Defending Australia, with 10 scenarios depicting a Japanese campaign in Hawaiian waters opposed by the American Pacific Fleet of 1940 – one with far less capable aircraft (biplanes!) and fewer of them. To play these scenarios, you’ll need Midway Deluxe Edition and Bismarck Second Edition.


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