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In the spring of 1942, the Japanese contemplated invading the British-held island of Ceylon. From there they could strike many strategic targets around the Indian Ocean basin, none of these more vital than the southern outlet of the Red Sea, controlling the sea route to the Suez Canal and on to Europe. Far more important to the Axis cause than Midway Island, Japanese control of the chokepoint at the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb would have broken British communications with India, Australia and New Zealand except for the lengthy and difficult route around the Cape of Good Hope, and made the entire campaign in North Africa superfluous.

Eastern Fleet: Gulf of Aden is a Campaign Study in the same format as Midway: Rising Sun 1940 or Coral Sea: Defending Australia, with 14 scenarios depicting a Japanese campaign in Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea opposed by the British Eastern Fleet, heavily reinforced to defend this vital maritime crossroads. To play these scenarios, you’ll need Eastern FleetHorn of Africa, Midway Deluxe and Bismarck.


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