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Dateline: Germany, 1st January 1919: The opening of the Paris Peace Conference is imminent, but unrest and violence are already spreading throughout Germany, Italy and many other European countries. Communist forces are marching to power, following the example of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Events like the murders of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are still a possibility. Will the German Social-Democrats make a pact of evil with the proto-Nazi Freikorps to eliminate these two revolutionary leaders from the political theatre? Extreme left and right parties face each other, creating disorder and putting the Social-Democratic and Liberal governments under pressure to bring peace to Europe. Democratic forces have the next fifteen years to save the Old Continent from the maelstrom of tyranny and totalitarianism. Will they fail as happened in history? The economic crisis of middle classes, the loss of monetary power and wealth, hyperinflation, the never-ending clash with the proletarian forces and the Great Depression ... will all such factors bring the liberal European countries to the verge of bankruptcy? Or will Mussolini and Hitler be left out of the history books?

Rise of Totalitarianism is an interactive simulation enabling you to explore all such questions. A card-driven strategy game, it reproduces the ideological conflicts and political struggles that led to the establishment of totalitarian dictatorships in Europe throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The game covers the period from 1919-1933 and is designed for three players. Each takes the role of one of the three Ideologies – Social-Democracy, Fascism and Communism – that struggled for power during the timeline of the game.

Rise of Totalitarianism provides a detailed historical context through the ninety game cards, representing historical events that might occur in the game. Players exploit these events and use political actions to achieve supremacy in the political theatre; though they must also face the major crises that upset the European countries of the era. These game cards also provide political points that are used by players to plan secret actions on the map by using action chits. These action chits are revealed simultaneously, and allow players to perform their reactions and activities. These activities include propaganda, or initiating conflicts, laws or reforms, all designed to influence society, public opinion, political orientation, the economy and the stability of governments.


  • a 36x18" mounted board

  • 90 game cards (five decks and a bonus card)

  • 90 small cubes (30 each in red, blue and black)

  • 3 wooden disks (each one in red, blue and black)

  • 150 game counters

  • a Rules Book

  • a player aid mat

  • 3 player screens

  • a 6-sided die

Game overview:

  • Complexity: 6.5 / 10

  • Game length: 3+ hours

  • # of players: 3

  • Time scale: 1-4 year per turn

  • Solitaire suitability: low