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Anticipating a Soviet operation against the Rhezv Salient and the German 9th Army, the OKH sent Von Manstein to Vitebsk in early November to prepare for Operation Taubenschlag to seize Toropets (65 km northeast of Velikiye Luki) and halt the probable Soviet counter-offensive. Gruppe Chevalerie which was in charge of the sector therefore passes under the command of the 11. Army, to its 83.ID are added the 291.ID, 12. Pz Division and 3. Gebirgs Division as well as werfer units. The 8.Pz Division will attack from Kolm to support the upcoming operation.
Unfortunately on November 19, Operation Uranus is launched and within 24 hours the situation of the 6th Army in Stalingrad become critical. Von Manstein is sent south to address the situation, the units of the 11th Army began their transfer on the 21st, and the 89th Division found itself alone in defending the sector of Velikie Luki.
On November 24, the 3rd shock army – 5th Guards Rifle Corps and 2nd Mechanized Corps – goes on the offensive with the objective of retaking the city, on the 27th, Velikye Louki is surrounded and declared a fortress by A. Hitler. The Germans are doing their utmost to rectify the situation, rounding up the few troops available in the sector. For almost two months, heavy fighting will then take place in order to save the garrison and prevent the Soviet offensive from developing towards the west.

  • One turn: 5 days
  • Counters: battalions, regiments, brigade, divisions
  • Map: one hex. = 2,5 km
  • Complexity: 5/10
  • Solo play: 7/10
  • Duration of a game: about 3 hours