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Wydawca: Flying Pig Games

In the vein of Old School Tactical Vol 2's Phantom Division we present Red Blitz. To be sold during the Kickstarter for Old School Tactical Vol I 2nd Edition, this boxed expansion will add more scenarios that occur during the vicious fighting of Operation Bagration in the summer of 1944.

Specifically, there are 6 challenging new scenarios, and an extended battle to be gamed on Vol I's Map 1. The extended battle is a multi-part legacy scenario, where the day's gains remain in your hands and reinforcements are fed into the battle. A running score is kept and the winning side is determined at the end of all the rounds.

The "one-off" scenarios are fought on 4 new pocket maps, depicting summer and winter terrain. Additionally, Red Blitz presents new combatants, including the SU-76M, SU-85, OT-34, PT34, ISU-152, IS-2StuH-42 and the Nashorn.

Red Blitz Includes:

  • 4 new 11" x 17" game maps (2 x summer and 2 x winter)
  • a playbook with 6 new scenarios and a separate, new campaign
  • a sheet of gorgeous counters, including--but not limited to-- the new units cited above
  • a box to keep everything safe and warm

This is an expansion. You must own Old School Tactical Vol I 2nd Edition to play.