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July 1944, to liberate the city of Caen and its surroundings, the brave soldiers of His Majesty launched a series of operations which required 7 Infantry Divisions, 9 Armored Divisions and 4 Armored Brigades. They were fighting the biggest battle of the Normandy Campaign.

Relive those epic battles through the 6 scenarios of this campaign. From the hills south of Caen, to the heart of the city, fight house by house, grove by grove, until victory. Break through the German defense lines, destroy the tanks of the SS Panzer Divisions, and drive the Germans out of France! Long live the King!

You must have the Heroes of Normandie base game in order to use this Scenario Pack.

You can also combine this game with any Heroes System expansions.

This is Battle Pack #2, covering Operations Epsom - Charnwood - Goodwood.