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Wydawca: Compass Games

Oceans of Fire is Rob Beyma's design of the conflict that raged in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945. This large, but playable, game features six countersheets covering the forces of Japan, the US and the Commonwealth forces that fought in this theater during WWII, as well as those forces of the various other nations that were engulfed in the conflict that enflamed the Pacific.

Oceans of Fire accurately reflects the spread of the conflict from Japan's starting home areas to across the Pacific at the start of the game. Eight turns cover the entire conflict, with some scenarios being shorter duration. Counters generally represent divisions or brigades for land units, generic air points for air assets, and 1-2 named capital ships (and their escorts) for naval vessels. Cards are included as an optional variant that reflect many of the historical events (e.g. Stillwell's Chinese forces, Japanese night naval proficiency, etc.) that add additional flavor to the game with little additional overhead.