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Crimea covers the series of campaigns in the Crimean Peninsula during the war on the Eastern Front. Several scenarios cover the period of Axis ascendancy during the period September 1941 – July 1942. The Soviet resurgence is represented by scenarios from September 1943 – May 1944. Crimea features a variety of engagements: Manstein’s initial invasion-on-a-shoestring, the surprise Soviet amphibious counteroffensive, the brilliantly successful Operation Trappenjagd offensive that ousted the Soviets from Crimea, Germany’s brutal assault on Sevastopol’s fortifications, the Soviet’s eviction of Axis forces from the Taman peninsula and landings in Crimea, and the final overwhelming Soviet reconquest. The game covers a longer period of the war than any previous OCS campaign, allowing players to experience increasing Russian capabilities and declining Axis fortunes.

The map area covers all of Crimea, the Taman peninsula as far east as Krimsk, and southern Ukraine from Kherson to Mariupol. A game which portrays such a lengthy time period over varied terrain includes many interesting features: Axis siege artillery (Dora included), the Soviet battleship Sevastopol, huge German Me-323 transports, Soviet torpedo bombers, and the Russian ability to cross the Sivash. Random events cover historical events such as the Axis aerial tramway over the Kerch Strait, German assault boats, partisan warfare, and a geological eruption called a “mud volcano.” Crimea can be played as a set of standalone scenarios or as an addition to the OCS game The Third Winter, where it considerably changes that game’s southern map boundary. The 1941-42 period was created by new designer Guy Wilde and the 1943-44 scenarios done by Tony Birkett.

Crimea is a low-counter density, small OCS game. There are 560 combat units, and one 22x34 map at a scale of 5-mile hex/3.5 days turn. Seven scenarios are included so players can start at different points in the action.


  • Rite of Passage (Initial German offensive, 28 turns), 26 Sept 1941 to 26 Dec 1941.
  • Tiger by the Tail, (Soviet counteroffensive, 20 turns), 26 Dec 41 to 1 Mar 42, can be combined with Rite of Passage scenario.
  • Eviction Notice (Operation Trappenjagd, 4 turns), 8-19 May 42.
  • Operation Störfang (Assault on Sevastopol, 10 turns), 5 June 42 to 5 Jun 44.
  • Cross of Iron (Taman peninsula, 36 turns), 26 Sept 43 to 22 Jan 44, also the setup to combine with The Third Winter 26 Sept 1943 campaign start.
  • Sword of Damocles (Crimea setup for combining with The Third Winter 26 Jan 1944 campaign start).
  • The Liberation Offensive (Soviet reconquest, 11 turns), 8 Apr 44 to 12 May 44.


  • OCS Rulebook (version 4.3)
  • Crimea Game-Specific Rulebook
  • Cirmea Playbook with Scenarios, Historical Commentary, Designer's Notes, Developer's Notes, Random Events, and Players Notes
  • OCS v4.3 Charts and Tables
  • One Full Color Game Map (22x34)
  • Two Game Specific Countersheets, One OCS Markers Countersheets – 840 counters
  • One Full Color Terrain Effects Chart
  • Two Full-Color Axis Player Aid Cards
  • Three Full-Color Soviet Player Aid Cards
  • Box and Dice

Game Designers: Guy Wilde & Antony Birkett

Game Developer: Chip Saltsman

Series Designer: Dean Essig

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