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Warfighter WWII Expansion 42 - Undead - Adds 112 cards to your Warfighter WWII Missions! This expansion adds Chaplains, Priests, Theology, Clergy powers, special Weapons, Equipment, and of course Undead Soldiers and Hostiles! Be warned, these Undead Hostiles are Evil, Fearless, and Elite!

Cards included are:

5x Clergy Soldier Cards
8x Germany Undead Soldier Cards
8x Japan Undead Soldier Cards
4x US Holy Weapon Cards
4x UK Holy Weapon Cards
3x Poland Holy Weapon Cards
4x USSR Holy Weapon Cards
5x Germany Holy Weapon Cards
4x Japan Holy Weapon Cards
2x Holy Equipment Cards
25x Japan Undead (Elite) Hostile Cards
24x Germany Undead (Elite) Hostile Cards