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Against the Odds broke new ground with the 2010 Annual. Four Roads to Moscow included four different, complete games from four top designers, each one taking their own approach to cover Barbarossa. There have been “quad games” before, but never like this.

While many people are thrilled to get all four, we figured a few folks might have a favored designer and only want that game. We aim to please. So, if you want to try just one or two of the “Four Roads,” the option is here.

Hitler Turns East by Ted Raicer is a classic-style, hex-and-counter wargame that uses chit-pull to keep things fluid. Hitler Turns East focuses on the difficulties of armies cooperating with each other, either for political or personal reasons (and Barbarossa saw lots on both sides).

The new printing of Hitler Turns East comes with 144 updated die-cut 9/16" counters, and a 17" x 22" full color map, plus updated rules and charts.