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Panzer North Africa is designer James Day's newest game in his acclaimed Panzer system of World War II small-formation armored and infantry combat. Now players can take command of armored formations of German, Italian, or British forces and re-fight key engagements in the North African desert from mid-1940 to late 1942. For Panzer veterans and newcomers alike, this stand-alone game requires no previous ownership of other games or modules in the Panzer series.

Contains rules for solo play, Italian, British and German units, and 32 scenarios.

The game system is designed for small unit actions from platoon to battalion-sized formations. Vehicles, towed guns, and aircraft are scaled at 1:1 with each 7/8” double-sided counter representing a single unit. The 5/8” double-sided leg unit counters are scaled at squads, half-squads, and sections, including their attached weapons. The game includes six double-sided geomorphic mapboards, 12 mapboards in total, plus diecut map terrain overlays to further customize your engagement maps. The game features a streamlined chit-based command system that moves the action along at a brisk pace. The game includes solitaire scenarios.

Panzer North Africa includes a Modular rules system with Basic, Advanced, and Optional rules section. Players may keep their battles as simple or as complex as desired. The game includes rules for:

  • Vehicles - 11 unique hit locations, armor angles, and penetration charts for level, rising, and falling fire
  • Various ammunition types, e.g., AP, APCR, HEAT, HE
  • Sighting Effects, e.g., dust, sun blinding, and heat haze
  • Overwatch fire
  • Rate-of-fire
  • Indirect fire, both on and off map
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Close assault
  • Troop quality
  • Command control
  • Leaders
  • Unit cohesion
  • Morale
  • Smoke Effects
  • Mines
  • Obstruction
  • Bogging
  • Air-to-ground and anti-aircraft combat


  • 6 double-sided geomorphic mapboards, 12 mapboards in total
  • 8 x 7/8” and 5/8” counter sheets
  • 49 double-sided full-color 5” x 4” data cards
  • 45 diecut Map terrain overlays
  • Modular full-color Rulebook with Basic & Advanced Rules
  • Modular full-color Rulebook with Optional Rules and Solitaire Rules sections
  • Two Scenario playbooks and solitaire scenario playbook - 32 scenarios included
  • TO&E reference book
  • Four double-sided Player Aid Cards
  • Four ten-sided dice
  • 3" Box
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