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WWII Campaigns: 1940, 1941, and 1942 is the faithful recreation of not one, but THREE classic GDW Series 120 games, in this all-encompassing package.

Each of the three games is intended as challenging, introductory-level games; the “120” reflects each game in this series uses no more than 120 counters, and all are intended to be played to completion in two hours or less without sacrificing historical quality or gaming excellence.

Classics in every sense of the word for their day, relive the battles with these old classics in a new and updated format (larger counters and map size).

The games included are:

1940, The Battle of France and the Low Countries is a two-player, operational-level (division/corps) — loosely based on the old SPI Battle of Moscow game system — of the first 52 days of the German offensive against France and the Low Countries in spring of 1940. The game focuses on the critical period — May 10 to June 30 — during which the Allies essentially fought and lost the First Battle for France. Units are corps/army, with a time scale of 5 days per game turn, and a map scale of 26 kilometers per hex.

1941, Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union covers the initial onslaught into the Soviet Union, beginning in the summer of 1941. Units are division/corps, with a time scale of one month per game turn, and a map scale of 65 kilometers per hex.

1942, The Japanese Campaign against Malaya, Java, and the initial attack in the Philippines covers the Japanese opening moves at the onset of the Pacific War, and the succeeding operations conducted against the various areas. The map covers the entire expanse of Southeast Asia at 85 nautical miles per hex. The gameplay is a true challenge for the Japanese player who must try to “run the table” and clear the map of Allied units.

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