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The Second Great War is our alternative-history setting, in which U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s attempts to negotiate peace in late 1916 (which actually happened) are successful and bring the Great War to a close two years earlier than in our history. But not everyone is satisfied with this peace, and a generation later France, Russia and Italy renew the war against the Central Powers.

Our Second Great War at Sea games and books bring this setting to the Second World War at Sea series of historical wargames. The situation’s different, and the technology’s different, too: airships dominate the skies, and battleships dominate the seas.

La Royale is a sourcebook for the Second Great War setting, all about the French Navy in the Second Great War at Sea. We talk about the new ships added to France’s fleet – and there are a lot of them – in The Cruel Sea, but also in upcoming expansions. And we talk about the warships France really did build and deploy in the real World War II.

La Royale is a sequel to Fleets: Imperial Germany and Fleets: Imperial Russia. Just like in those books, we tell you about the ships, and also show you their schematics, just like in the warship guidebooks of the real world. It’s all part of the world-building, to make your games that much more fun.