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Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces began their “Strike South” against the American, British and Dutch colonies in South-East Asia. The combined American-British-Dutch-Australian fleet resisted as best they could, but would be crushed in February 1942 in the Battle of the Java Sea.

Java Sea is a Second World War at Sea series game based on this bold Japanese aggression. You get 180 double-sized pieces for the big ships, and 340 normal-sized ones for the little ships, the airplanes and the markers. And to tell the campaign’s story, we have a set of 30 scenarios, and Second Edition series rules with full-color play aids.

Two huge operational maps show the South China Sea and the Dutch East Indies, including all the major ports and airbases. They stretch from Formosa on the north to Australia on the South, and from the Indian Ocean on the west to New Guinea on the east – they overlap with the maps from Eastern Fleet and South Pacific.

You get to fight out all of the battles of the Japanese Strike South: the battle of Java Sea and Sunda Strait and Badung Strait, the last cruise of the British battleship Prince of Wales, and many more. Plus, you get the naval side of the bizarre Franco-Thai War, with the French battling the Royal Thai Navy (this is a thing that really happened).

Java Sea includes:

  • Two 32"x22" strategic maps
  • 22"x22" tactical map
  • 520 game pieces
  • Rules, organization cards and charts
  • Scenario book woth 30 scenarios