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Wydawca: Nuts! Publishing

Offensive Roads: Stalingrad is a wargame for 2 players covering the 1942-43 winter campaign on the Soviet South Front. The game begins with the outbreak of the Uranus offensive in late November 1942 and ends with Manstein's counter-attack in March 1943.
The game is aligned with the 'Roads' series, which features the titles Liberty Roads and Victory Roads (published by Hexasim). The system will be familiar to players who have enjoyed the first two games, but it has been adapted to take into account all the specifics of the campaign (the supply of the Stalingrad pocket, management of the Stavka,...).

Offensive Roads: Stalingrad has four scenarios.

  • Edge of the Abyss: 17 turns. The full campaign.
  • Wintergewitter: this small two-turn scenario is ideal for getting started with the system, but is also a challenge for both players.
  • Manstein's Backhand Blow: a short but intense scenario to maneuver the elite German armored forces and save a desperate situation.
  • Star and Gallop : Starting in February 1943, this scenario shows the end of the campaign from the surrender of the 6th Army. A real game within the game, it allows players to discover these very little simulated offensives and opens up a situation rich in opportunities for the Soviet player.
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