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In October 1944, the Soviet 14th Army under General Meretskov launched the Petsamo and Kirkenes operation called the "Tenth Shock" by Stalin. Its aim was to throw the Germans out of northern Finland, an area of strategic importance for both its sea bases and for the nickel mines of Kolosjoki (today named Nikel). Following the Finnish capitulation in September 1944, preparations were already underway for General Jodl´s XIX Gebirgs-Korps to retreat into northern Norway; however, its fate hung in the balance when Meretskov launched his attack.

Polar Storm is taught in 30 minutes and easy to digest yet a challenge even for the more experienced players.

With the usual rules system of WWII Battle Series, its Special rules, Winning conditions and Events we try to depict this moment in time.
This is Game no 7.

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