Wczytuję dane...

Bulge is much-traveled territory. How would we do something different?

How about using our "Pocket Battle Game" format, but instead of just ONE "post card" sized game, we could have FOUR.

Each one must be playable independently, but could we construct a system clever enough so that they could all be combined as well?

We challenged Paul Rohrbaugh and he picked carefully... reducing the whole battle into the Schwerpunkt the critical core for an entire battle. While the 1st SS Panzer Division was the spearhead for the offensive, the tip of the spear was Kampfgruppe Peiper, a hodgepodge organization that was, for its size, the strongest unit in the entire battle. Their job was to punch a narrow hole through the Allied formations, all the way to the Meuse River bridges. Their tools included a full battalion of gigantic "Tiger 2" or "Royal Tiger" tanks, backed by Panthers and virtually every other top weapon the Panzerarmee could field.

Not only did Kampfgruppe Peiper provide the situations for four interesting games (with four groaner titles) but combined into a long strip of games, it might be the best look at the key scenes of the Bulge.

It's the first one of our Pocket Battle Game sets and collecting the whole set has been a challenge for gamers.

Now we will make it easy-- you can just BUY the set!