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OPIS USZKODZENIA: uszkodzone pudełko

In a Templar stronghold, hidden in the Germanic moors, lies the power of the Black Rose. Its catacombs house the mortal remains of the powerful and feared Ulrich, yet he is no longer dormant. Many have tried to seize the secrets of his power, butso far all have failed. Now it is the turn of Bartholomäus, who aspires to become Master of the Lex, a new school devoted to the occult, born in the heart of the Black Forest and spreading rapidly throughout the Holy Roman Empire. Duel will take you into a magical world of forbidden spells and deadly evocations, where every 10 years different mages compete to decide who will be the next Grand Magister.

Duel is a two-player game where two mages clash in the cramped underground rooms of the stronghold, choosing and planning spells and actions from a common deck and managing their own evocations and resources. Only by planning carefully and taking advantage of the opponent’s every slight mistake will the final victory be achieved.